Ways to Volunteer

Mardi Bras VA

  • Collection Site – Every year around Mardi Gras
    • Host collections of bras, underwear, pads and tampons for women who have a no/low/restricted income, are homeless or incarcerated.

Hope Works – Recovery Community

  • Adopt a House
    • Adopt a house of men or women to provide for practical needs and move into relationship with the residents of the house.
    • As relationships build, look for ways to meet spiritual needs through Bible Studies, encouragement, etc.
  • Housing Response Fund – formerly COVID Housing Response Fund
    • Give financially to support men and women who don’t have financial resources to support their safe and sober housing needs.
  • Collect gently used items for the residents
    • twin sheets and comforters
    • towels
    • kitchen items like silverware (that always seems to disappear!), coffee cups, etc.
    • coffee makers, crock pots and other simple appliances

Hope Works – Chesterfield County Jail

  • Christmas Project – Get Clean! Bags for Chesterfield Jail Residents
    • Providing every resident with basic full-size personal hygiene items. (450 needed) More Details >>  Click Here
      • 3in1 Shampoo/Conditioner
      • Toothpaste
      • Lotion
      • Antiperspirant
      • Bar of Soap
      • 2 stamped envelopes and pap to write a friend or family member
      • A note of encouragement
  • Jobs for Life – (coming Winter 2021)
    • Champion –
      • Commit to 8 weeks, Monday and/or Thursday Nights
      • Encourage and mentor participants
    • Instructor –
      • commit to facilitating 2-4 classes
    • Business Leaders, Managers and Owners plus HR Management/Recruiters
      • Business Leader Panel
        • Participate in a panel, allowing participants to ask questions about your work/business
      • Mock Interviews
        • Act as a hiring manager/recruiter in mock interviews, allowing participants to practice interviewing, and provide constructive feedback to the participant
      • Hiring Manager
        • Be willing to hiring Jobs for Life Graduates.
      • Supply Basic Needs
        • Act as a collection site for basic needs and personal hygiene items.
          • Basic Needs include reading glasses (plastic frames only), Tshirts, underwear, no wire bras, socks, etc.
          • Personal hygiene items include items such as shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, lotion, and feminine hygiene items.

Hope Works – Richmond City Justice Center

Due to COVID, this work is currently on hold.

Miss Marti’s House

  • Assist with building relationships in the Southern Barton Heights Neighborhood through many community-building activities such as:
    • Easter Egg Hunt
    • Memorial Day Community Cookout
    • Camp Splash – week-long Vacation Bible School
    • Halloween – Front Yard Party
    • And more!