Welcome Neighbor!

Into The Neighborhood is about loving God and loving your neighbor.  It’s about living missionally, incarnationally, on mission. It’s about Christian Community Development.  It’s how we do it.  How others do it.  And how you can do it.  How we can all do it better.  We are dedicated to mobilizing and equipping people to live out God’s mission for their lives to reclaim, restore and rebuild the landscape of their community.

  • Implemented our 4th annual Mardi Bras Event – designed to educated the public on the personal hygiene needs for women who are homeless, incarcerated or on a low/restricted income while building community among women. In partnership with other nonprofits and agencies, we collect bras, underwear, pads and tampons for women in need.

Hope Works! ~ a ministry to the Richmond City Justice Center, Chesterfield County Jail and the local Recovery Community

Hope Works! is a relationship based ministry to the Richmond City Jail, Chesterfield Jail and the local recovery community.

  • Our volunteers host Life Transformation Discipleship Groups in 6 pods within the RCJC every week… discipling hundreds of residents
  • We host Recovery groups in various recovery houses and a weekly Art and Recovery in partnership with Make! Creative Studio.
  • Completed our 9 Jobs for Life training classes (total of 100 graduates) in the Richmond City Justice Center (RCJC). Jobs for Life is a biblically-based job preparation program designed to equip participants to obtain, maintain and thrive in a job.

Miss Marti’s House is the urban ministry of Into The Neighborhood, and the home of our founders, Marti and Louis Williams.  Marti’s blog (started in 2010) tells our story – how we ended up living just a 1/2 mile from the largest public housing complex between Baltimore and Atlanta.  We will continue to share about our life and ministry in Southern Barton Heights in Richmond, Virginia.  

  • Ongoing community building activities and discipleship relationships in the Southern Barton Heights community. Activities include Community New Years Day Brunch, Easter Egg Hunt, Community Memorial Day party, Camp Splash (a back yard VBS), Christmas activities, weekly missional community gatherings, and more.
Consulting Services
  • We have been asked to consult, to mentor/coach others, and to speak at conferences, to missions groups, and to churches.  This ministry will be a place for us all to learn from one another and dialogue on:
    • loving God
    • loving your neighbor as yourself
    • Christian Community Development
    • jobs
    • living on God’s mission for your life where He has called you, and
    • equipping others to do the same….discipling others and planting the Gospel.

    If you would like to chat with us about any of these services, just give us a shout!  We look forward to hearing from you!