Mardi Bras RVA 2023

We are Back for our 9th Year!

How many pair of underwear do you have in your drawer right now? How many bras? When ‘that time of the month’ comes, do you wonder where you will obtain your supplies of pads or tampons? Sorry – if you are a guy and reading this, I dare you to ask your wife, daughter, sister, girlfriend, or mother these questions. A few years ago, I talked with a few women who used to be homeless and spent a lot of time on the street. They wondered about this every day… and every month. Supplies are NOT readily available for women who are homeless or on a low or restricted income. No – food stamps and other resources do NOT cover feminine protection. Then, I read this article…For Homeless Women, Getting Their Period Is One Of The Most Difficult Challenges which confirmed what I thought.

This is a problem that can be easily solved; and we decided to do something about it.  So, here’s the deal. We are going to collect pads, tampons, new bras, new underwear and incontinence pads for women who are homeless or on low/restricted income! Keep reading! MARDI GRAS, where women bare their breasts for beads in New Orleans, is right around the corner. Instead of revealing our breasts, we are going to work at covering some! Join us for MARDI BRAS RVA 2020!!!

Check out more information here >>>  MardiBrasVA


You are invited to host your own Mardi Bras Party — at home or work, at church and other houses of worship, at a restaurant, or bar, book clubs and more! Email us here and we will send you a Party Kit in early January.>> Contact Us.

If you host your own party, please forward us the following information, and we will share it here and on social media, if your party is open to the public.

  • Date and Time:
  • Name of Group:
  • Contact Name:
  • Contact Number:
  • Location:
  • Open to the Public or Private Party:
  • Special Notes or Focus:
  • Would you like someone to attend your collection to speak on the topic? If you would like for us to come and speak to your church, book club, women’s group, etc., please contact us here… Contact Us About Speaking.  We will do our best to have someone there, but can’t promise it.

And…plan to bring your items during the open house.


Every Thursday from 10a-12n. Contact us to arrange other drops offs.


Into The Neighborhood (located in All Souls Presbyterian Church)

19 Overbrook Road

Richmond, VA 23222

Google Map

Enter through doors at the bottom of the ramp off the parking lot.  Carts will be available at the elevator. Come up to the 2nd floor!


We are collecting:

  • Menstrual Pads (Heavy flow, light days, etc. are all appreciated.)
  • Tampons (All sizes are appreciated.)
  • NEW Bras – of ALL sizes!
  • NEW Women’s underwear – of ALL sizes!
  • WHITE WIRELESS BRAS (like sports bras – all sizes!!! ) for the Richmond City Justice Center and the Chesterfield County Jail – (wishlist… click here for wireless bra)

Other tips:

  • Without going into a lot of details, menstrual cups are not that successful for homeless women in the RVA area (because there are not many sanitary places for them to be used and it becomes dangerous/unclean.) Although many of the prostitutes can still use them because they can still conduct business. We just won’t need a lot of them.
  • Check back often! We will update as we learn more! More to come!


If you want to make a contribution, make your check to Into The Neighborhood and include a note that says Mardi Bras VA, and we will use the funds to provide the necessary products. Mail it to:

Into The Neighborhood PO Box 25868 Richmond, VA 23260

Click Here For Other Ways to Give

We are thankful for these gifts and contributions: A real answer to prayer!!!


Check back often because we will update the list!

  • Richmond City Justice Center
  • Chesterfield County Jail
  • Housing Families First – Hilliard House and Building Neighbors
  • Family And Community Engagement (FACE) Department of Richmond Public Schools
  • Daily Planet
  • Alpha and Omega Church
  • Yeshua’s House
  • Life Transformation Church, a missional micro-expression of the church network in RVA
  • ACES
  • Goochland Cares
  • St Joseph’s Villa
  • and many more!


If you know of a place that could use these items, give them a call and let us know what they need, so that we can collect and distribute them. Send the following information here.. Mardi Bras RVA Org Info.

  • Organization Name
  • Contact Name, Number, Email
  • Women they support and how they support them.
  • Supplies Needed
  • Are you willing to attend one of the gatherings to share about the plight of women who are homeless in the Metro RVA area?

Thanks! Look forward to seeing you all!