Get Clean! Bags Holiday 2020

Get Clean! Bags

The holidays are always hard inside of a jail. And this is one way we would like to raise their spirits and bring a little Light and Hope. We have been asked to make 450 Get Clean! bags for the residents of the Chesterfield County Jail – 350 men and 100 women (ALL WOMENS HAVE BEEN FILLED!). Can you help by providing bags OR donating money and allow us to shop for you??? $6/bag = $5400. Who can help??? Sign up below, donate and email Marti at m3w [at] me [dot] com with any questions you may have.

Personal hygiene items are expensive and limited for many residents.  Every bag will contain personal hygiene items that are most asked for and needed by the residents. Every bag needs to be about the same, so we are restricting the items to the below, which can best be purchased at a Dollar Tree. Contents can not contain alcohol or metal, like pumps. So, please follow the requests below. Each plastic grocery bag should include one of each of the following.

  • Providing each resident with the following basic full-size MENS SCENTS personal hygiene items
    • 3in1 Shampoo/Conditioner >>> 12-18oz only
    • Toothpaste >>> 5.5oz Aim or Pepsodent
    • Lotion >>> 8oz Dermasil
    • Antiperspirant >>> 1.8oz SpeedStick SOLID (men). 11.7oz Secret (women)
    • 1 Bar of Soap >>> Dial
    • 2 stamped envelopes and paper to write a friend or family member
    • A note of encouragement

This will make a great project for youth, clubs, sororities and fraternities, book clubs, bible studies and more!  

You can do the shopping, or we can do it for you!

To give financially so that we can shop for you… use one of the payment options below…

Paypal, fees apply.

Venmo, no fees apply.

Send a Check – Into The Neighborhood, PO Box 25898, Richmond, VA 23260.

To pack your own bags… please sign up for the # of bags that your church, group, or club is willing to provide by using the contact form below.

Contact us for delivery options before December 15th!!!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Here’s a video showing you how to assemble a Get Clean! Bag. Grateful for a small group from Restoration Church who filmed it for us!!!

If there are ANY questions or concerns, please contact us here >>  CONTACT US!  We would love to chat about it.

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