Our Guiding Principles

At  Into The Neighborhood we desire to utilize the following guiding principles in all that we do.  We strive to…

  • be Christ-Honoring and God-Glorifying. We are called to Love God. It is not by our own strength or power, but in God’s power that we wake up each morning and that we breathe air in and out again and again. We were created to worship God Almighty and bring Him glory.  We accept that God doesn’t need us to complete His mission here on earth, but He chooses to bless us with opportunities to join Him in that work.
  • Value the Relationship. We are called to Love our Neighbor as ourselves. We will honor our friends, community, partners and supporters.  We will learn to listen and listen to learn.  We will communicate with honesty and transparency, steward our resources with integrity, and demonstrate that everyone has something of value to share.
  • Collaborate and Partner with individuals, groups, agencies, and churches and to act as a conduit between the church and community development work throughout the Metro Richmond area.
  • be Biblically-Based in our work. The Bible is our ultimate guide in handling every aspect of our work, including areas such as conflict resolution, stewardship of resources, decision-making, etc.
  • Do No Harm We will ask questions and listen to the community we are serving,   We will affirm the dignity of the community, work to break down the walls of distrust, and build indigenous leadership. We will not do things to or for people, but WITH them.