Trick-or-Treat 2018

Are you struggling to meet your neighbors? Want an opportunity to meet them? I can’t think of a better opportunity than Halloween! When else do you have neighbors coming to YOUR front door? Can’t get any easier than that!

If you REALLY want to meet your neighbors…

  • Why not greet the trick-or-treators with a big ole bowl of candy? It’s not the night to cut the lights off, disconnect the doorbell, and hide yourself under the covers. It’s not the night to go to someone else’s house, but to stay at home on your front porch with treats! It’s not the night to go to a trunk and treat at your church 5-10 miles away, but it IS the night to stay at home…and meet your neighbors.
  • Why not dress up and play spooky music?  Set the mood.  As we sit on the front porch, we aren’t dressed up, but we do have an iPod speaker and play a Jango Halloween channel…really loud.  Thankfully, we are not annoyed by the constant ringing of the doorbell, but we do ‘force’ the kids to say those 3 magical words!  We also treat the parents and older kids.
  • Why not take your children house-to-house to trick-or-treat, while leaving your spouse at home to hand out candy? Divide and conquer! Bundle up. Grab a flashlight. Include the dog and join some neighbors and walk together.
  • Why not make a game of it?  Whoever can remember the most new friends’ names and something about them wins. Not more candy…but, some other sugar-free treat.
  • What else can we do to make meeting neighbors fun?

A few years ago, Louis and I decided to move off the front porch and into the yard.  You can check out things here>>   Posts of Halloween Past.  The post even includes a simple checklist that I used last year!

If you don’t have anything going on…and you just can bear to answer the door at home alone, come on over and join us in the fun!