PODCAST RECORDING: Bob Lupton Speaks: Insights into Serving the City – Richmond, VA 6.8.2012

We are so thrilled that Bob’s talk was recorded and was uploaded for your listening pleasure!  Logan Jones, Worship and Arts Director at Northminster Church, just provided me the link!  WOO HOO! I praise and thank God for Logan and Northminster for such awesome partnership!


7 years ago, I moved into Southern Barton Heights, just a short 1/2 mile from Gilpin Court, the largest public housing complex located between Baltimore and Atlanta.  It was only after living here that I began to truly understand the plight of the inner city of Richmond.  Although I had a car (and then 2 after Louis and I got married) and a full-time job and the resources that I needed to live easily, the struggles and challenges of my neighbors became mine as well.  Because when you enter into a loving friendship and familial relationship, that’s what happens.  Your family’s struggles start to become your own.  Trying to learn as much as I could, I started to research and learn about Richmond’s history and statistics.  I also read everything I could get my hands on from people like John Perkins, Wayne Gordon, and Bob Lupton.  In April of 2011, Louis and I headed to Chicago to attend CCDA’s (Christian Community Development Association) Immersion training, and intensive training on Christian Community Development.

Now, we are sharing our learnings and connections with our friends, old and new, here in Richmond, VA, by inviting folks like Bob Lupton to speak and encourage us to continue on.  Not only do we want to help prepare and equip the church of Richmond to get involved in CCD, but also to network and work in unity with one another as the body of Christ.  We are thankful for the sponsors that made this event possible!

Here’s the podcast.  Be challenged and encouraged and convicted all at the same time.  I pray that you will not only listen to the words of Bob Lupton – as he models a Christ-like way of transforming challenged communities, but that you will also join us in being do-ers.  I pray that God speaks through Bob to your heart, soul and mind.

Peace, Marti

CLICK HERE >>> PODCAST RECORDING:  Bob Lupton Speaks:  Insights into Serving the City

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