Missional Sucker

What will a Reese’s Cup (heart shaped, of course) and a sucker have to do with being missional? Not a whole lot if you eat them all yourself!  But, this Valentine’s Day, I will be heading to the bus stop to greet the neighborhood kids with an afternoon snack and a hug!  I’m sure their parents will thank me profusely when they get home after school even more hyped than usual.

Our budget is tighter than it has been in past years.  Hope we don’t run out!  In past years, I have put little Valentine goodie bags together and had them at the house when some of the kids came by.  This year, I’ve decided to go out and meet them at the school bus.  Due to a number of reasons…mainly because a number of them moved last summer and we had a year full of family-related health issues (including our own!)…Louis and I have lost contact with a lot of the neighborhood kiddos.  Now, we are attempting to get to know the new kids who live around us and this is just one way we are attempting to do that.

Looking forward to Easter…we are also planning our annual Southern Barton Heights Easter Egg Hunt for the neighborhood kids.  Can’t wait!!!!

What are you doing for upcoming holidays to meet your neighbors?


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