Missional Moment – New Year’s Day Pancake Brunch

Ever look for ways to be missional or incarnational in your own home?  Here’s a way that we like to do it…and just may well become a tradition.

How did you spend New Year’s Day?  With friends and family in front of the Rose Parade and a ton of football?  New Year’s Day for us was spent with over 40 of our old and new friends and family….from our lineage, our missional community, and our neighbors.  We opened our home for a pancake brunch from 10a-2p.  Some showed up early and stayed the entire time.  Others trickled in.  But, we did have a constant stream.  And boy was it fun!  Miss Marti’s House is now also called Lou-Dawg’s Cafe.  Louis is the MAN!

This was just one way Louis and I serve our friends, community and family.  It’s fun to watch our worlds collide…friends from different parts of our life blending together in one place.  I love it.  Although we didn’t go to the church building that particular morning, we DID have church….Acts 2 style…check out Acts 2:42-47.  We had a chance to pray with some of our ‘extended family’.  We talked about how God was working in our lives.  And…we broke bread…I mean pancakes…together.  It was awesome.

It was so simple that virtually anyone could do it.  Paper plates.  Plastic forks.  Juice.  Coffee (of course!).  Syrup and butter.  Louis set up 2 griddles and a HUGE mix of his best-ever pancakes….and made them to order as people arrived.  I made 2 huge delish egg, turkey sausage and cheese casseroles, which stayed warm in the oven.  We also cut up fruit in wedges.  Friends brought fruit salad, more apples, bacon and other goodies to add to the meal.

And we played….wii….and a lot of it!   Enjoy the pics taken early in the day by our friend, our ‘son’ and up-and-coming photog – Terence Talley.

Please note that I am not advocating that you skip church a lot because being in community with believers is so important.  But, sometimes…it’s ok.  Let’s free ourselves from the legalistic views that we have sometimes.  I go to church because I LOVE to worship the Lord with others.  But, sometimes I just gotta spend time BEING the church…not just DOING it.  🙂

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