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Everyday… our volunteers are meeting with people in tough places like the Richmond City Justice Center, Richmond City Drug Court, Chesterfield County Jail HARP ReEntry Program, Recovery Homes, and beyond! One of their favorite Bibles is the Celebrate Recovery Bible, because it’s an easy-to-read translation (NIV) that also comes with…

  • Over 110 lessons that unpack eight recovery principles in practical terms
  • Recovery stories that offer encouragement and hope
  • 30 days of recovery-related readings
  • Over 50 full-page biblical character studies that are tied to stories from real-life people who have found peace and help with their own hurts, hang-ups, and habits
  • and more!

You can be a part of helping us provide these Bibles to men and women who we encounter in the jails and drug court, in the discipleship, in recovery homes and beyond!

Sponsor a Bible for only $10!!!

There are THREE ways you can sponsor a Bible for someone in need…

1.  Paypal (Fees apply.)Paypal Partner Here

2. Venmo:  Into The Neighborhood  (No fees apply.)

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3.  Write a check.  (No fees apply.)

Shoot us a quick email and let us know it’s on the way. We’d love to include your gift in our totals! Write us a check and mail it to the following address.

Into The Neighborhood  |  PO Box 25898  |  Richmond, VA 23260

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Thanks for sponsoring a Bible for someone in need! We appreciate you!

If your organization, small group, church would like to participate, please contact us here.  CONTACT US. We’d like to get you more information. To print posters for your small group, church, etc.>> Word of the day

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