The Amazing Praise 2020


Thanks for being a


Thanks for giving to Into The Neighborhood through The Amazing Praise! There are so many worthy organizations participating, and we are grateful you selected us! We appreciate you! Good news:  All gifts will be matched up to $5000, thanks to a generous matching gift! So, you can double your gift!

There are THREE ways you can partner with us financially!!!

1.  Paypal (Fees apply.)

2. Venmo:  Into The Neighborhood  (No fees apply.)

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3.  Write a check.  (No fees apply.)

Shoot us a quick email and let us know it’s on the way. We’d love to include your gift in our totals! Write us a check and mail it to the following address.

Into The Neighborhood  |  PO Box 25898  |  Richmond, VA 23260

Thanks so much for joining us in The Amazing Praise 2020!