Spring 2017

There’s lots coming up in our Neighborhoods for Easter!!! Check it out…

Richmond City Justice Center Neighborhood

Easter Goodies for the Deputies and Staff

In January, we partnered with the Chief of Chaplain’s office to deliver slices of pies (Thanks to Pie Y’all!!!) to the deputies at the Richmond City Justice Center (RCJC). And it was a HUGE hit! It made such a positive impact as we stopped to encourage and pray with those who requested it. It’s time to do that again! This time we are providing Easter Baskets in the for of gift bags to each shift and area of the RCJC plus the court buildings.  We need your help to make a total of 40 baskets/bags!!!! 

Just find a springy gift bag and fill it with some goodies and then, deliver them to us. Please have them to us by April 8th. Deliveries to the RCJC will take place on April 9th and 10th.

Please deliver to before April 9th.  Details are in the link>>> Easter Goodies


Richmond, VA as our Neighborhood

Drive-By Joy

In 2014, the Easter Bunny made a very special appearance and has returned every year since!!!  Easter Bunny helps us spread JOY around the Richmond area. How can you help? We just need some extra bags of candy and other little goodies to share!!  

Southern Barton Heights Neighborhood

5th Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt and Party

WOW!!!  Year #5!!!  We are so grateful for the many people who assist the Bunny in making this a special day. This year, we thank friends from Redeemer Anglican Church for helping Bunny fill all the eggs!!!  Come and join us for the fun!

Saturday, April 1st

Miss Marti’s House
2101 Barton Avenue, RVA 23222

**Games and Prizes 
**Easter Egg Hunt (thru 6th grade) 
**Fun Story Time 
**Easter Bunny 

Parents – Please come with pre-school children. All ages are welcome.

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