Reverse Advent Calendar

Advent… a season of expectation… of the coming of Christ. Advent can be a time of giving, as we count down the days until Christmas Day.  This is just ONE way for you and your family, small group, book club, work team, or church to count down the days.  We’ve made it easy for you!  Check out our reverse advent calendar below. At the end of Advent, you will have a basket full of personal hygiene items for us to give our friends who are returning from a stay in the city jail, prison, etc.  Many of our friends are people who have participated in our discipleship programs in the Richmond City Jail.  Help us restock!!!


  • Start your planing or shopping now!
  • Many full-size items can be purchased for $1 at a local dollar store – keeping your donation affordable!!!
  • Have gender neutral items or purchase with just 1 gender in mind.
  • Have 1 basket per family member OR you can complete 1 basket as a family.

Thanks for generously helping us restock our supplies!!!

itn 2018 reverse advent calendar