We are really excited about the plans for our gathering and hope to see you there! Magnum Opus Dei (God’s Great Work) is a celebration of a powerful creative collaboration of the Body of Christ. God has done amazing work through 2 organizations; and we want to share it with you!

Over the last 3 years, Into The Neighborhood and Make! Creative Studio have ministered to 100’s of women and men each year! Even during Covid, we found creative and safe ways to continue building relationships with the people living in residences that support their recovery from addictions to drugs, alcohol, the street life and more. Relationships may start in the studio, but continue in our everyday walk around lives as we continue to share our lives with and love one another outside of the studio.

This celebration will serve to…

  • showcase some of the art projects, plus pieces created by current and past participants and volunteers, and friends of recovery
  • share stories of how participants and volunteers are impacted,
  • encourage you to participate by volunteering or giving generously, and
  • invite you to join us in celebrating what God is doing for, in, and through us… His Greatest Work… His Image Bearer… His Creation… You and Me.

Come and celebrate God’s Great Work and experience it for yourself!


We are grateful for all of our sponsors and will be updating regularly!

For our potential sponsors, thank YOU for your generous sponsorship! We couldn’t host this gathering without you! For more information, check here. You can also reach out to Marti at or Angie at