Hope Works!

“I was in prison and you came to visit me…I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

Matthew 25:36, 40

Hey, friends! God opened doors in the fall of 2015 for us to enter into the Richmond City Justice Center (RCJC) aka The Richmond City Jail with Jobs for Life, a biblically based job preparation and life skills training program. Nearly 100 residents have graduated out of 9 classes since 2015.  Meet our first 9 graduates!

Andre, Cary, Terrence, Rafphy, Ramon, Lynwood, Pavel, Tyrone, Iya
And – Andre was the first to get a job through work release after graduation and started on Monday, 1/4/16 and continues there today!

After our first round of classes, we, as a team of volunteers, realized that we couldn’t walk away from our new friends who just happened to live in the RCJC. And they didn’t want us to leave! So, we found a way! Each week we are holding 6 discipleship groups.  They have now asked up to expand into EVERY POD (housing unit) in the jail!!!

Life Transformation Groups

Each week we enter the RCJC to study the Word with the men and women who reside in the Richmond City Justice Center. There’s no formal teaching, video or special book to purchase…just your Bible. Each week a scripture passage is selected to read every day before the next time you meet, allowing the Holy Spirit to do the teaching.  Then, the group discusses it and what each person heard from God.

These groups are held in the evenings from 5:30-7:00.  With enough volunteers, we hope to have the commitment to 1-2 times a month.  Perfect opportunity for a small group or life group to volunteer!

Jobs-for-Life-logoJobs for Life

We are now preparing to host our first Jobs for Life class in partnership with the HARP Program in the Chesterfield County Jail and True Recovery RVA.

Please pray for us as we enter into this new season. God is on the move. As we sought the advice of the 9 men in our current class, they literally told us to not stop talking about God. They knew that this class is different from all the other classes they have gone through because they felt the genuine love of the Father through our champions/mentors, instructors and other volunteers. It’s been life-changing for us all. Scripture has come alive to them as the weeks have gone by.

This has been a joint effort of countless people from many churches! All coming together to serve those who are imprisoned. We would love you and your church to be a part of it!

Our Fall volunteers will come from a long list of churches. Someone once said “The best welfare program in a job.” Come help us provide dignity through work by joining us as a volunteer.

Spring Run Presbyterian, Hope Church, Arise RVA, Life Transformation Church, St Giles Church, New Life Empowerment Temple, Great Hope Baptist & Commonwealth Chapel to name some churches represented.

If you think someone you know is interested in participating in this program, please forward this email to them!


If you would like to volunteer or have any questions, please contact us here >>  CONTACT US!  We would love to chat about it.

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