Jobs for Life-Richmond City Jail

“I was in prison and you came to visit me… I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”

Matthew 25:36, 40

Hey, friends! We have EXCITING news to deliver! God has shown us favor in the city jail. He opened doors in the fall of 2015 for us to enter into the Richmond City Justice Center with Jobs for Life, a biblically based job preparation and life skills training program. We had our first graduation on December 17th!  13 more men and women graduated from our Winter classes in March 2016.  And, we will continue to make regular visits to continue to encourage these men and women in the job search and in their walk with or toward Christ. Meet our first 9 graduates!

Andre, Cary,  Terrence, Rafphy, Ramon, Lynwood, Pavel, Tyrone, Iya

And – Andre was the first to get a job through work release after graduation and starts on Monday, 1/4.  Happy New Year, Andre! His letter to Marti Williams, the Site Leader and Into The Neighborhood co-founder is pictured below.



Now, we will be going back to hold 2 classes this winter. And we need YOUR help!

  • One class for 10 women starting on 9/2016.
  • One class for 10 men starting on 9/2016.

Please pray for us as we enter into this new season. God is on the move. As we sought the advice of the 9 men in our current class, they literally told us to not stop talking about God. They knew that this class is different from all the other classes they have gone through because they felt the genuine love of the Father through our champions/mentors, instructors and other volunteers. It’s been life-changing for us all. Scripture has come alive to them as the weeks have gone by.

This has been a joint effort of countless people from many churches! All coming together to serve those who are imprisoned. We would love you and your church to be a part of it!

Our Fall 2015 volunteers came from a long list of churches. Someone once said “The best welfare person in a job.” Come help us provide dignity through work by joining us as a volunteer.

Spring Run Presbyterian, Hope Church, Arise RVA, Life Transformation Church, St Giles Church, New Life Empowerment Temple, & Commonwealth Chapel to name some churches represented.

If you think someone you know is interested in participating in this program, please forward this email to them!

Here are a few details…



We are looking for male and female champions that would be willing to sacrifice some time to mentor 10 motivated men and 10 motivated women who are part of the REAL program in the Richmond City Justice Center.  We are meeting 2x a week – Monday and Thursday from approximately 4-7pm.  Because we are going inside the jail there are a variety of restrictions that present us some challenges, but nothing we can’t get through!  In an IDEAL world, we would love to have 10 male champions and 10 female champions who could be there for every session, but we realize that is asking a lot.  So, we are asking for each champion to commit to at least 1 night a week.  We will need to have 15-20 champions to be sure we have 10 each night.

  • Contact Marti at if interested in being a champion in the men’s class.
  • Contact Crystal Rivera at if interested in being a champion for the women’s class.


We are also looking for instructors. A facilitator’s guide is provided.  It’s a mix of scripture/bible lesson and soft skills like the importance of character, community, body language, and some resume writing and interviewing skills.  We have a few instructors, but would like to be sure we have a diverse population of instructors. We hope to pull from our current list of experienced instructors, but we will have room for new volunteers. Contact John at if you are interested in being an instructor. Note that we are doing the classes simultaneously one week apart. So, we are asking the instructors – if at all possible – to be willing to teach both classes 2 weeks in a row.



We could really use some assistance with administrative functions for both classes. Tracking student data online, prayer requests, etc. I am happy to help train this person. They can come into the jail, or not.



If you would like to join the prayer team, we would love to have you join us in praying the participant’s requests, the classes, and more! No need to come to the jail.


  • Background checks will be required by EVERYONE who will work/volunteer in the jail. For those who have recently had one at the jail, they are good for one year. No need to do another.  There are very few limitations that would prevent folks from being able to be a part of this program.  ex. If previously incarcerated, must have been out for at least 1 year.
  • Jail Orientation is required for ALL who will work/volunteer in the jail.  This first will be held on Monday, January 11th.
  • We welcome folks who were previously incarcerated and have been restored and would be willing to share their own experiences and successes, providing hope and healing to the participants.
  • Must be willing to be there by 4:15p, with a start time of 4:30p. Leaving early is possible, but not preferred.
  • No cell phones will be allowed in the jail. And a picture ID is required to enter.
  • There are other limitations that will be shared at orientation, such as if you come in with a pen, etc. You need to be sure you leave with the pen.

— DATES: (sample schedule from the Winter Classes) Fall Calendar will be posted soon. Times will change to 5-7pm.

Dates – Women Dates – Men Day Time Class
1/11 1/11 Monday 4-6pm Orientation
1/14 1/21 Thursday 4-7pm 1
1/18 1/25 Monday 4-7pm 2
1/21 1/28 Thursday 4-7pm 3
1/25 2/1 Monday 4-7pm 4
1/28 2/4 Thursday 4-7pm 5
2/1 2/8 Monday 4-7pm 6
2/4 2/11 Thursday 4-7pm 7
2/8 2/15 Monday 4-7pm 8
2/11 2/18 Thursday 4-7pm 9
2/15 2/22 Monday 4-7pm 10
2/18 2/25 Thursday 4-7pm 11
2/22 3/1 Monday 4-7pm 12
2/25 3/3 Thursday 4-7pm 13
3/1 3/7 Monday 4-7pm 14
3/3 3/10 Thursday 4-7pm 15
3/7 3/14 Monday 4-7pm 16
3/17 3/17 Thursday 9 or 1:30 Graduation

If there are ANY questions or concerns, please contact us.  We would love to chat about it.  Once you agree to participate, we will send you a copy of the background check form to complete and return.

If you want to support this work and other things we do through Into The Neighborhood and Miss Marti’s House, please support us through clicking here >> SUPPORT.

Thanks and Happy New Year!


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