Halloween 2013

This year’s Halloween Front Yard Party was the best ever! We had more trick-or-treaters than EVER before.  You would have never guessed that someone got shot in front of our house or that a bullet went through our house just 3 nights ago! Kids were out in droves and earlier they were riding bikes and scooters. I am grateful for God’s protection and safety tonight! Thanks for your prayers!!!  If you aren’t aware of what happened earlier this week…check out these posts…A Night Unlike Most Other Nights and New. Every. Morning.

Using the same plan as posted before in Trick-or-Treat 2013, we had chalk, corn hole, cupcakes, hot apple cider, music, and of course, CANDY! Here are a few pics. If you want to see more check out our post over at Miss Marti’s House >>> HalloBOOween 2013.

Our next gathering will be a Birthday Party for Jesus – Christmas Party on December 21st from 10a – 12noon.

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