Neighbor 11: has been Stripped

In a previous post,  Neighbor 7:  Someone Who is Naked, I wrote about our friends who have been ‘outed’, hated on, gossiped about.  In addition, Richmond Justice Initiative was mentioned…and how they are helping those who have been trafficked.  Both of which are horrific, without a doubt. But when I think of stripped, I think about a car being stripped.  I guess that’s because I have watched way too many cop shows over my lifetime.  When a car is stripped, everything that is of value is taken from the car to be sold or used by someone else, leaving behind the shell of a car…nothing of value.  Thieves have been documented as being about to strip a car in less than 5 minutes.  It doesn’t take long at all for a car to be taken down to its shell and a pile of parts.  Gordon, however speaks of people who have been stripped, not cars.  If it takes less than 5 minutes to strip a car, how long does it take to strip a person of their dignity? of their humanness? of their personhood?  How long does it take to dehumanize a person? Not long at all.

Paul Tripp writes in, What Did You Expect?

Because sin is antisocial, it tends to dehumanize the people in our lives.

No longer are they objects of our willing affection. No, they quit being the people we find joy in loving.

Rather, they get reduced to one of two things.

They are either vehicles to help us get what we want or obstacles in the way of what we want.

Because of sin, in what ways do find ourselves dehumanizing another person or group of people, stripping them of their dignity?  How can we be friends to those who have been stripped?

Father God, we thank you for your Son Jesus.  We confess that we don’t fully appreciate what Jesus did for us, and how we still sin…every day. We dehumanize people with our words and actions, our minds and thoughts, with our policies, rules and laws.  Please help us to see everyone through the eyes of your Son…to act justly.  Everyone is made in your image, and we miss that totally. Help us to see your image when we see others.  Help us to be friends of those who have been stripped.  Jesus modeled that for us during his time here on Earth. Teach us how to love like He did. Thank you, Lord.  In His name we pray, Amen.


This is the 11th post in a series that I wrote about in a series that I wrote about in a post called who is my neighbor? series.  I am reading who is my neighbor? by Wayne Gordon and exploring just one chapter a week. In addition, I hope to post on each Wednesday. (although, I am late with this week’s post!)