RVA: Under Construction – Jen Hatmaker Speaks

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Jen Hatmaker Speaks…



METRO Richmond, VA is under construction!

WE, the Church, are being called to rebuild it by fulfilling the mission Jesus gave us: 

Love God. Love Neighbor.

Make Disciples who Make Disciples.

Join us in welcoming Jen Hatmaker, as 700+ attendees will hear Jen speak and discuss what it means to live on that mission as an individual, as a small group or family, and as a church!  Jen’s message is NOT just for women only! GUYS – You are welcomed and encouraged!!!  Although many of her books are geared toward women, her message is for everyone who is part of the body of Christ in RVA: men, women, church leaders, young adults, singles and parents!


St. Giles Presbyterian Church
5200 Grove Avenue
Richmond, VA 23226

Weekend Schedule:

Friday  8/15   6-9:30pm

Saturday   8/16     8:30a – 1p

Saturday “Un-conference” - Attendees are encouraged to continue the dialogue following the event with new friends and old by joining them for lunch at various places throughout Richmond. More information will be provided as the date approaches.

Worship Music will be provided by our friends at:



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Who is Jen Hatmaker?

Jen Hatmaker and her husband, Brandon, live in Austin, TX where they lead Austin New Church and raise their brood. They pioneered Restore Austin, connecting churches to local and global nonprofits for the spiritual and social renewal of Austin and beyond. She is the author of nine books and Bible studies, including Interrupted and 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. Jen and Brandon have five children ~ Gavin, Sydney, Caleb; and in 2010 they added Ben and Remy from Ethiopia.

In addition…Jen Hatmakers’ family, faith, and 105-year-old farmhouse will debut on HGTV starting August 7th!  HGTV reached out to Hatmaker in June 2013, after she appeared on the Today Show. This will be a very faith-friendly cable show series over several weeks.

What is Into The Neighborhood?

Into The Neighborhood is a newly formed nonprofit Christ-centered ministry, founded by Louis and Marti Williams, based on scripture:

The Word became flesh…and moved into the neighborhood.    John 1:14 (MSG)

For more information, click here > Into The Neighborhood.

Where can I get tickets?

Please Note:  Early Bird Prices are available through May 31, 2014 July 15, 2014. Prices won’t be this low again, and numbers are limited.

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If you are interested in a sponsorship package please contact Marti below.

We are super excited about seeing you at St. Giles on August 15-16 and are praying for all attendees..

Halloween 2013

This year’s Halloween Front Yard Party was the best ever! We had more trick-or-treaters than EVER before.  You would have never guessed that someone got shot in front of our house or that a bullet went through our house just 3 nights ago! Kids were out in droves and earlier they were riding bikes and scooters. I am grateful for God’s protection and safety tonight! Thanks for your prayers!!!  If you aren’t aware of what happened earlier this week…check out these posts…A Night Unlike Most Other Nights and New. Every. Morning.

Using the same plan as posted before in Trick-or-Treat 2013, we had chalk, corn hole, cupcakes, hot apple cider, music, and of course, CANDY! Here are a few pics. If you want to see more check out our post over at Miss Marti’s House >>> HalloBOOween 2013.

Our next gathering will be a Birthday Party for Jesus – Christmas Party on December 21st from 10a – 12noon.

IMG_1714 IMG_1722 IMG_1730 IMG_1746 IMG_1762 67040_10200671454288089_481248438_n

Trick-or-Treat 2013

Are you struggling to meet your neighbors? Want an opportunity to meet them? I can’t think of a better opportunity than Halloween! When else do you have neighbors coming to YOUR front door? Can’t get any easier than that!

If you REALLY want to meet your neighbors…

  • Why not greet the trick-or-treators with a big ole bowl of candy? It’s not the night to cut the lights off, disconnect the doorbell, and hide yourself under the covers. It’s not the night to go to someone else’s house, but to stay at home on your front porch with treats! It’s not the night to go to a trunk and treat at your church 5-10 miles away, but it IS the night to stay at home…and meet your neighbors.
  • Why not dress up and play spooky music?  Set the mood.  As we sit on the front porch, we aren’t dressed up, but we do have an iPod speaker and play a Jango Halloween channel…really loud.  Thankfully, we are not annoyed by the constant ringing of the doorbell, but we do ‘force’ the kids to say those 3 magical words!  We also treat the parents and older kids.
  • Why not take your children house-to-house to trick-or-treat, while leaving your spouse at home to hand out candy? Divide and conquer! Bundle up. Grab a flashlight. Include the dog and join some neighbors and walk together.
  • Why not make a game of it?  Whoever can remember the most new friends’ names and something about them wins. Not more candy…but, some other sugar-free treat.
  • What else can we do to make meeting neighbors fun?

A few years ago, Louis and I decided to move off the front porch and into the yard.  You can check out things here>>   Posts of Halloween Past.  The post even includes a simple checklist that I used last year!

If you don’t have anything going on…and you just can bear to answer the door at home alone, come on over and join us in the fun!
Halloween 2013


Guess Who’s Coming to RVA!



5/22 UPDATE:  Tickets are now on sale! Check it out here:  RVA: Under Construction


Every time I mention the name Jen Hatmaker, it seems like every woman wants to be her BFF. After following her blog or tweets for just a few short days (or maybe hours for some of us), we all want to know…is this reeeeaaaally the way that she, Brandon and their 5 kids live? We all want to be there…live and in person…instead of living vicariously through her writings.  In 2014, we will also be able to follow along in their every day walk around lives of loving God, loving others, loving the poor, raising a family of 3 bio kids and 2 adopted, pastoring a church and so much more while renovating a 100+ year old house on HGTV!  Check out Jen’s announcement here>>  Coming to Your TV Set: The Hatmakers , where Jen writes…

Guess what we get to be on network television? Our own selves. We told the people, “Um, we are overtly Christian. This isn’t even a gray area.” And they said, “Yes. We want it all: your family, your prayers, your church, your poor people, your nonprofits, your chaos, your humor. We want you to be exactly who you are.” This feels monumental and special and rare. Our goal is to steward this opportunity with immense care and precision. This little light of mine…we’re gonna let it shine.

Here’s the good news!!!

You will have a chance to spend time with her LIVE and in person here in RVA. We are thrilled to formally announce that Jen Hatmaker is coming to visit and share with us on August 15-16, 2014.  So, go ahead and save the date on the calendar. You won’t want to miss this! I promise!  All the details are in the works and watch for more to come.  Follow this site, so you can be the first to hear about it and get your tickets. Just scroll to the bottom of this page and Follow Into the Neighborhood. Help get the word out, too, by sharing this SAVE THE DATE with your friends.

Here’s the REALLY good news!!!  Keep reading!

In the meantime, join us for Helen Lee on October 19th where we will be giving away 2 free tickets for the Jen Hatmaker weekend.  Register here before the price goes up on October 1st. >>  Helen Lee – Family on Mission.