About Us

Into The Neighborhood is about loving God and loving your neighbor.  It’s about living missionally, incarnationally, on mission. It’s about Christian Community Development.  It’s how we do it.  How others do it.  And how you can do it.  How we can all do it better.

Miss Marti’s House is the urban ministry of Into The Neighborhood.  Marti’s blog (started in 2010) tells our story – how we ended up living just a 1/2 mile from the largest public housing complex between Baltimore and Atlanta.  We will continue to share about our life and ministry in Southern Barton Heights in Richmond, Virginia.  Please check it out here >>> Miss Marti’s House

We’d love to have you come to any of our gatherings, or help with homework or missional community, or anything else we have going on! What’s important…is loving your neighbor while building relationships. This is where we live out what we are advocating for here at Into The Neighborhood.  Contact us if you would like to help!  

For a taste of what’s going on around here, check out:  TwentyThirteen: A Year in Review

Upcoming Ways to Connect and Serve:


  • Every Tuesday from 6:30 – 9pm    
    • Life Transformational Church – a Missional micro-expression of the church
  • Every Tuesday from 4:30-5:30pm     
    • HIS Kids

Neighborhood youth (aka Miss Marti’s Kids) gather to experience…

H = Hope    Where we share the Hope in Jesus Christ.

I = Inspire   Where we Inspire and Encourage the Kids in all they do – at home, at school in the present and the future.

S = Serve    Where we look for opportunities to Serve our neighbors.

January 2016:

  • Starting Mid-January  – Jobs for Life in the Richmond City Justice Center – Click here for more information >> JfL in RCJC
    • 1 class for 10 females
    • 1 class for 10 males

February 2016:

  • February – Mardi Bras RVA
    • Our 2nd Annual Gathering to collect bras, underwear, tampons and pads for women who are homeless or on a restricted income

In addition, we have been asked to consult, to mentor/coach others, and to speak at conferences, to missions groups, and to churches.  This ministry will be a place for us all to learn from one another and dialogue on:

  • loving God
  • loving your neighbor as yourself
  • Christian Community Development
  • jobs
  • living on God’s mission for your life where He has called you, and
  • equipping others to do the same….discipling others and planting the Gospel.

If you would like to chat with us about any of these services, just give us a shout!  We look forward to hearing from you!

Peace, Marti and Louis

To contact us…